Original Salzburg Grain Mills

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Genius of Classical Music

The mills from the land of
Mozart and The Sound of Music

For each
of flour

With granite millstone
and a milling chamber made of wood

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Where tradition and craftsmanship have been passed down for generations.

We preserve and respect ancient knowledge
appreciate the value of natural materials.

Our conviction also includes,
that we do not produce mills on an assembly line
Each of our employees is a
Craftsman and specialist in his field.

If work is done with pleasure, it will also be good.

We love our mills.

45 years of Salzburg Grain Mills

45 years have passed,

since the Salzburg grain mills opened their doors for the first time

and presented their milling skills to the world.

45 years of dedicated work,

with attention to detail and a passion for what we do.

We are not just about building grain mills,

It is also about respect for nature and its gifts.

It's about much more than just mills, grain and flour ...

It's about genuine craftsmanship, preserving biodiversity and protecting our environment

In our workshop you can still find genuine craftsmanshipand the quality that is often lost in our fast-paced world.

With our mills, we are committed to healthy and sustainable nutrition.

We are committed to preserving biodiversity and protecting our environment in order to create a future in which nature and its resources are respected and protected.

We are proud to be part of this movement and would also like to inspire you to make a commitment to healthy, seasonal and sustainable food.

With our grain mills with granite grinding stones we would like to contribute to this,
that our bread and our food become valuable again
and nourish body and soul in equal measure.

We invite you,

… to accompany us on our further journey and want to inspire you to do so,
to become active ourselves and share the knowledge and passion that we live here with others.

Together we can create a sustainable and healthy future.

What our customers say:

Christl Brandstetter
Christl Brandstetter
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I now own the gear flaker in walnut. I am very happy with it. It is also a real piece of jewelry! My five-year-old grandson also enjoys crushing the oat grains into oat flakes. It was delivered promptly and well packaged! I can also recommend the wooden butter.
one month ago
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I have owned an MT5 ED grinder for a few months now and I can say that the grinder is TIP TOP. The bread simply tastes different from the supermarket or the bakery.... or let's put it this way.... it tastes different not only because I bake the bread myself but also because I can now grind the flour myself... Bread becomes not just a means of consumption but a means of enjoyment.
Sandra Telmoudi
Sandra Telmoudi
one month ago
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I'm really impressed with the quality of the products. They are really worth the money. The advice is great and my questions are always answered very nicely and usually with further advice. Keep up the good work, dear grain mill team!