Salzburg Grain Mills

Salzburg Grain Mill MT 18

The Salzburg grain mill for professionals and the highest demands

  • For large families with a high flour requirement
  • For discerning amateur bakers
  • Stainless steel thread for maximum precision fine adjustment
  • With natural granite grinding stones and wooden grinding chamber


$ 2,097.00

Salzburg Grain Mill MT 18 Beech

The mill for connoisseurs, experts, and the highest standards

For large families with a high demand for flour

  • Do you not want to wait long for the required amount of flour?
  • Would you like to grind all hard grains like rice, corn, soybeans, etc., in larger quantities?
  • Do you value natural materials?
  • Are you an absolute mill enthusiast looking for that “special” mill?

… then you have found the right mill with the MT 18 grain mill!

With a grinding capacity of 270 to 500 g of flour per minute, this mill always convinces when a large amount of flour needs to be quickly at hand. For example, for the bi-weekly or monthly baking day. Or to fully utilize the capacity of the already existing, very special bread oven.

Despite its size, the characteristically elegant appearance of the MT series makes the professional mill MT 18 a gem in the kitchen or bakery.

The casing of the grain mill is protected by beeswax oil to remain attractive for a long time in a busy kitchen. All internal wooden parts are spared from any varnish substances and solvents to maintain the wood’s natural breathing and absorption ability.

The specifically selected, high-quality beech plywood for the mill casing allows for stylish design and shines in robustness and tolerance to temperature fluctuations near the mill motor.

The powerful 900 Watt industrial motor is made in Germany. It is completely maintenance-free and protected against overload. We value motors that are manufactured according to European quality standards and grind powerfully at low speeds.

The flour from our natural stone mill will thrill you and greatly reward the valuable work of baking.

There are things between heaven and earth, that cannot be explained yet still exist. Such is the case with the flour from the natural stone.

How could we scientifically explain the baking behavior? Hardly possible!

But you can take our word for it that old, experienced bakers have tasted this flour, with the subsequent statement, in good Austrian:

“Das is halt noch ein Mehl!” (In High German: That is still a flour!)


More information about ...

Natural stone instead of artificial stone

For thousands of years, people have ground grain with natural stones – today, electric household mills with natural stones are a rarity!
Granite is quarried in nature – the grinding stones are without binding agents – pure nature!
In more than 40 years, we have not become aware of any breakage of the stones or breakage of stone particles.

Only grinders with artificial grinding stones made of corundum ceramic are usually available on the market.
These consist mainly of aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide.

It is therefore obvious why there is little information available on natural stone grinders.
In some cases, deliberately false information is also circulating. One such example is that natural stone becomes smooth after just a few years and has to be reground at great expense.
We can prove that natural stones grind for decades without any processing!

For this reason, we also guarantee that we will regrind all natural stone free of charge within 12 years if necessary. Is there a better guarantee?
We also guarantee a service life of 24 years for the grinding stones! *
We cannot guarantee that we will regrind corundum stones or replace broken corundum ceramic stones free of charge.

Basically, there are only either natural or artificially produced grinding stones. You will often find the term “natural stone mix”. You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a mixture of natural and man-made stones. However, this is not the case. There is no naturally grown corundum that is used to produce the so-called corundum ceramic grinding stones. These are therefore exclusively artificially produced grinding stones.

Artificial millstones not only have the advantage that they are cheaper to produce. No manual processing is necessary (except in the case of custom-made products). Furthermore, installation in the mill is considerably less time-consuming than is the case with natural stone.

We would like to make you aware of the positive properties of natural stone by publishing letters on this website in which our customers share their experiences and opinions with us.

However, there are no scientific expert opinions on many of our customers’ experiences that would prove the general validity of these experiences. There is simply no scientifically verifiable evidence of customer experience,

  • according to which the baking behavior of natural stone-ground flour is different from that of artificial grinding stones,
  • the natural stone powder behaves differently in terms of energy,
  • how abrasion from artificial stone or natural stone behaves in the body and how allergy sufferers, for example, react to abrasion,
  • that our natural granite stone is extremely durable and is more resistant to breakage than the corundum-ceramic grinding stones we used in the past, even in the event of the grinding of small stones in the ground material

However, we always receive interesting information from our customers about the energetic behavior, the spectral colors of natural stone powder and much more.
We receive praise from kinesiologists and alternative circles who test the quality of products using the means and methods available to them. Experienced bakers, award-winning chefs and enthusiastic housewives also tell us about the baking properties of natural stone-ground flour, which we are very pleased about.

We would be delighted if you would take the time to read some of the opinions of our “Millers with Salzburg natural stone mills”.
Think about it: what were many of the world’s most monumental buildings made of? Made of granite!

Grinding with natural stone … A good feeling!

Why domestic wood instead of plastic?

Grain mill Carina hopperWood is part of human history and is a living, organic material.

Real wood is nature and fulfills the desire for authenticity in an artificial world.

Anyone who owns a natural wood kitchen will appreciate the benefits of wood. Food stays fresh for longer in the solid wood cabinet, bread does not start to go moldy, etc.

The latest studies have even shown that the natural substance has bacteria-inhibiting properties.

Germs cannot grow on natural wood surfaces.

Due to its cellular nature, with an almost unimaginably large surface area, wood has a strong hygroscopic effect. The resulting dehydration creates a hostile atmosphere for bacteria and leads to their death.
The topic of “Wood & Hygiene” has been a focus of research at the Institute of Wood Research at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna for several years now.

Further sources on the subject of WOOD AND HYGIENE:

Antibacterial effect of wood proven
Dr. Alexandra Makulla Press Office
Federal Biological Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry

Wood confirmed as an effective bacteria killer in scientific study – Specialist knowledge – Wood & Hygiene

The stainless steel thread

of the MT 5 ED, MT 12 and MT 18 grain mills

  • Together with the grinding stones, the stainless steel thread is the most important part of the mill
  • Guaranteed finest flour for decades
  • No grain is as hard as steel – whether kamut, maize or chickpeas
  • Guarantees no change in flour fineness during grinding

Not only the stones are important for the fineness of your flour, but also the adjustment system.

The stones grind fine or coarse flour in direct interaction with the adjustment – just as you wish. This is usually the case when the grinder is purchased, but it should still work perfectly even after decades.

Regardless of whether you turn an adjusting wheel or a funnel or operate a slider, you always change the distance between the stones.

If the adjustment system does not work precisely, the bricks will not lie exactly flat (i.e. they will not lie exactly parallel to each other). Then the stones cannot grind the finest flour and the coarse portion of the flour is greatly increased.

But how often do you hear: My grinder is only 10 years old (the problem can occur sooner or later) and no longer grinds finely! In this case, the adjustment system is usually to blame and not the grindstones, as is often assumed.

With our high-quality adjustment system, you grind with the same fineness from the first to the last second.

No checking and correcting!

The stainless steel thread guarantees that the set degree of fineness does not change during grinding.

To ensure that you can still grind the finest flour in 20, 30 or 40 years’ time, you should pay particular attention to the adjustment system.

In our pioneering days, the threads were made of steel. The surface was then chrome-plated or galvanized.

But every thread, whether 30, 40 years old or even older, still works today just as it did when it was purchased. Precise – to the millimeter.

Today, our threads are no longer surface-treated, but manufactured from high-quality stainless steel by an Austrian master craftsman.

The weight of the thread is 3.60 kg.

It is difficult for a non-expert, for the non-technical housewife, to estimate the value of the stainless steel thread.

But technicians, metalworkers etc. know about the material costs, the manufacturing costs, the accuracy requirements etc. and can estimate the manufacturing costs.

For the amount we pay for these threads, you could almost get a complete grinder from a well-known manufacturer, with a 6-year guarantee.

However, the question arises: What happens after 6 years – and is wear and tear covered by the warranty?

It is good advice to pay particular attention to the quality and materials used for the adjustment system and the grinding chamber.

It’s not the outer casing or the look that matters – but the adjustment system certainly does!

Our stainless steel threads have been working with millimeter precision for decades, not only when grinding your favorite grains such as wheat, rye or spelt, but also when grinding kamut, corn, chickpeas or beans.

From the first to the last minute of grinding – for decades!

Warranty conditions:

The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase, for an unlimited period of time, in the event of breakage and breakage of stone particles from the granite despite use of the grinder in accordance with the operating instructions and manufacturer’s specifications.
The granite stones are replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping of stone particles.
The warranty does not apply to damage caused by the use of force or improper use.

12-year warranty separately
In the event of premature wear of the granite grinding stone

Warranty conditions:

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and entitles you to a free regrinding of the granite grinding stone if this should become necessary within the warranty period and the grinder has been used in accordance with the operating instructions.

12-year guarantee on all other components of the household grinder such as housing, hopper, motor, etc.

Warranty conditions for all electric household grinders (Carina, MAX, MAX Special, MT 5, MT 5 ED, MT 12, MT 18 and Style) and for the manual grinders (MH 4 and MH 8).

The guarantee applies from the date of purchase for all verifiable material and processing defects and is based on our choice of replacement, repair or reimbursement of the purchase price.

Fragile parts are excluded from the guarantee. Wood is a living material and small cracks can occur in the wooden housing. These are not considered material defects.

The warranty does not cover compensation for consequential damage, loss or natural wear and tear or damage caused by force, improper use or lack of or improper care.
Interventions not carried out by the manufacturer or by persons authorized by the manufacturer will invalidate the warranty.

Technical Data Grain Mill MT 18

Grinding capacity fine: approx. 9,52 oz/min
Grinding capacity coarse: approx. 20,45 oz/min
Weight: 52,91 lbs
Hopper content: 3,78 oz
Base: 9,84 in
Height: 18,50 in
Coarse-Fine Adjustment: continuously variable
Grinding stone: Granite
Grinding stone diameter: 4,72 in
Grinding chamber: untreated beech wood
Hopper and base: solid, local beech wood
Casing: high-quality beech plywood
Surface treatment casing: biological beeswax oil
Power: 900 Watts
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Speed during grinding: 850 rpm


  • “Lifetime” warranty on the granite grinding stone against breaking and chipping off of stone particles
  • 12 years warranty specifically for premature wear of the granite grinding stone
  • 12 years warranty on all other components of the household mill like casing, hopper, motor, etc.